Calm Beginning - Birth Preparation,
Calm Life - Meditation & Relaxation

Birth and parenthood preparation and relaxation for life courses  - for couples, individuals, groups and one to one. 

Birth & Parenthood Preparation

Calm Beginning courses can be tailor made to suit your needs. I offer full packages which include labour, birth and parenthood preparation and hypnobirthing techniques. If you have previously had a baby you may just like a hypnobirthing course. If hypnobirthing isn't something you are interested in, a simple birth and parenthood preparation course may suit you. 

For more information and a bespoke course format please message me on my "contact me" page. 

Calm Beginning Hypnobirthing

Why hypnobirthing?

A Calm Beginning hypnobirthing course aims to empower confidence and belief in the body's ability to birth a baby. Hypnobirthing  & Antenatal Education in Skipton Hypnobirthing  & Life Relaxation Practitioner in Skipton Calm Beginning in Skipton

How hypnobirthing works.

Hypnobirthing works through a series of breathing techniques, visualisations and deep relaxations. 

What are the benefits of hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing significantly improves the possibility of a positive birth.




Science is now showing that meditation is good for many things, health, emotional health, relationship, mental functioning etc.

What is it?


Meditation is practiced to understand the mind and make it more peaceful. Is it not about falling asleep but about being aware but totally relaxed.

Two types of meditation


Guided meditation is listening to some one talk you through a script or some music.

Unguided meditation is focussing on a meditation object such as the breath or a flower.

Three Principles of Meditation


*Habituation - the more we practice the better we will become

*Insight & Mindfulness - understanding the mind to bring it to a state of peace and being able to make changes

*Open Heartedness - the practice of selflessness

Is Meditation For You?


Meditation is for everyone. It has been practiced for more than 2500 years so it must be good.

Want to know more?


Please feel free to email me with any questions or to arrange a chat over the phone.